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HashFlare is one of the newest cloud mining services brought to you by a team of cryptomining experts from HashCoins.

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The team is involved with cryptocurrencies and has a 3-year experience in cryptocurrency mining.

HashFlare’s main goal is to make cloud mining accessible to every user regardless of age, investment, location, technical nouse or even experience.

They want to give as many customers as possible an opportunity to try out cryptocurrency mining, earning Bitcoins as rewards.

On a wider scale, they want to contribute not only to the development of cloud mining services, but also the establishment and adoption of Bitcoin as an official currency.

That said, below is a comprehensive review of HashFlare, focusing on key components, including its history, trustworthiness, prices, reliability, customer support, dashboard outlook, profitability, maintenance fee as well as security.


History of HashFlare

HashFlare is a cloud mining service that was launched by HashCoins in 2015. It offers cloud mining for both Ethereum and Bitcoins.

For SHA-256 Bitcoin mining, it uses a non-stock version of their Apollo miner, while Ares miner is used when it comes to Scrypt mining.

They have a 3 Megawatt data center where all the hardware used is provided by HashCoins, the parent company.

HashCoins was founded in 2013 by Sergei Potapenko and is based in Talinn, Estonia. HashFlare had more than 9,987 customers using their cloud mining services.

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HashFlare is the newest firm providing cloud mining services, including Scrypt and SHA-256 mining.

Considering the fact that it is still a new company, it lacks a long track record for payouts.
Nonetheless, those who have used the service for quite some time say that it is reliable.

They have a physical address and a list of team members with their respective photos on their official website, which is quite reassuring.

Another great feature

HashFlare offers is the ability to easily switch mining pools. However, most cloud mining services lack evidence indicating that a contract is mining at specific pools.

HashFlare have shared quite a number of photos showing their Scrypt mining operation and data center. However, they haven’t provided photos of their Bitcoin mining operation.

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The approximate value of HashFlare’s Bitcoin mining contract is 0.00169 BTC per GHS. This is among the most expensive Bitcoin mining contracts.

That being said, the company also offers discounts. For instance, their current discount coupons 31C1B5AF give you 10% discount. This means the discounts will mitigate their high prices to some extent once they are factored in.

Additionally, they have low maintenance fees, which makes their cloud mining services moreaffordable too.


With HashFlare, you are able to see a forecast of your earnings in the operating panel.
You can also full refund your investment and be away for six months from the date of purchase but will still be able to make profit if the bitcoin rates increase.

HashFlare service fee per day is $0.01MH/S. Additionally, the service takes a small amount of commission for withdrawing funds to your bitcoin wallet (0.0003 BTC).


FeeAlthough HashFlare might have one of the most expensive cloud mining contracts in the industry, it has the lowest maintenance fees compared to any company in the market.

Their low maintenance fee of 0.03/GH/month could be as a result of low electricity costs in Estonia.
Considering the fact that HashFlare still mines using Apollo technology, it is reasonable to expect maintenance fees to drop even further when they upgrade to the more advanced Uranus miners.


HashFlare also boasts a solid mining interface. Although they don’t offer many features offered by other cloud mining service providers, it can be ranked in the top third tier in terms of its usability.

Payment withdrawal is a flawless process and has a 2-factor authentication (2FA) email sent before the payment is released.

The dashboard also has series of graphs that show balance, earnings, daily revenue per terahash and mining pool allocation.

The addition of a mining pool section is appreciated by most people due to the fact that most cloud mining companies do not provide a selectable mining pool, forcing you to choose just a single pool.

Payment Reliability

HashFlare makes their payments on time, with the revenues being exact less maintenance fees.
After withdrawing payment from your HashFlare account, it takes approximately 15 minutes to reflect on your Bitcoin wallet.

This means that their withdrawal service sends the transaction to the block chain immediately after a withdrawal request.


Customer accounts are usually secured by 2FA to ensure that customers’ funds and contracts are safe.

This means that a hacker can get your password but won’t be able to access your account.
It also uses secure shell management system that every admin should make use of.

This technology is used in order to protect mining machines in the data centers and authentication in different servers.

It is clear that with HashFlare, your funds are in safe hands.

HashFlare Referrals & Signup Bonus

HashFare offers an attractive referral bonus of 10% (hashflare code 31C1B5AF), which is currently on par with the highest referral rates offered by cloud mining companies.

Although they do not offer a signup bonus, HashFlare offer several specials on a regular basis.

Overall, HashFlare gets a solid grade due to their generous referral bonus.

Customer Support

HashFlare has a great customer service service that can be reached through one of three ways: email, phone and a form on their website.

In most cases you will get a reply within one hour. Additionally, HashFlare has a live support ticket system making the experience more fun.


Although it may not qualify as the best cloud mining company at the moment, HashFlare offer some of the lowest maintenance fees as well as a solid referral bonus.

In case you have been looking for one that has the lowest maintenance fees and the best security for your funds, then I bet your options should include HashFlare.

However, take your time to consider quite a number of factors that appeal to you most.
Consider things such as reliability, price, security, usability, customer support, bonuses as well as profitability before making your final decision.

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