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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cryptocurrency?

Bucks made in 10110100011011010001011010101010100101010101

What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is invisible monstrum which will slowly eat all bankers and their assistants. But if you are good giza you don’t need to shake your bones.

How is this bitcoin monstrum born?

Its easy-peasy. Techie call it mining. Bitcoin mining. Litecoin mining. Etherum mining etc. You can call it borning. No one cares.

You can buy your own piece of hardware and start mining immediately at home. Just be careful with your electricity bill. The sum could be higher than your phone number.

Clever guys goes to trustworthy cloud mining service. They care about electricity, cooling, maintenance

Can this monstrum eat my dog?

No. Your Poppy, Alfie, Molly or Charlie are in safe. But your bitcoins are in danger if you let these flea bags bite your laptop.

What is the advantage of bitcoin?

Any baby-kisser will not be able to steal or track your digital currency. They are just simply out of the game. The can not control how much gravy you have. This is the reason why they don’t like it.

How to get bitcoins

Probably the best market is here. You can buy or sell bitcoins online or find some one in your city, meet the seller in a coffee shop and make the transaction in cash.

Swap other crypto currencies to bitcoin

If you already have any of virtual money you can exchange them here. Easily exchage btc to ltc…

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