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Yes, it’s possible to buy Bitcoin with Paypal and what’s more, it is easy as one-two-three.

You also like simple things. So now you will get a manual how to get Bitcoin to your Paypal. There are  3 main ways how to generally get any cryptocurrency.

  • Buy bitcoins for your money
  • Cloud Genesis Bitcoin mining (or Hashflare Mining)
  • Selling products or services for Bitcoins


This article will be mainly focused on using Paypal to get Bitcoins. You have probably already found many confusing text on internet about buying bitcoins.

And you asking why Paypal doesn’t allow to buy Bitcoins on their website. The main reason is protection which Paypal offers for buyers. In the past a lot of scammers tried to buy Bitcoins and then claimed they didn’t received anything. It causes very difficult situation which makes companies like Paypal or debit/credit card providers still scared.

Let’s start…

Best way to buy bitcoin

Open account with Localbitcoins

From the main page click on “Sign up free”open new account localbitcoins

Fill in all necessary details

  • Username
  • Email
  • Password
  • Password again
  • Verify you are human (solve captcha)

details localbitcoins

At this moment you can buy bitcoin. It is so easy, isn’t?

localbitcoins account setup

Now check your email. The verification message should come in couple of seconds. Open it and click on the link to activate your new Localbitcoins account.

registration completed localbitcoins

However some sellers require SMS verification. So let’s move to account settings.

Find the option on right top corner and click “Edit profile”.

localbitcoins edit account

Fill in your prefix and mobile phone number and click on Send verification SMS.

localbitcoins send verification sms

You will receive SMS with authorization code. Use this code and type back to website and click OK. Now you are one step further and you can enjoy most of the features of Localbitcoins.

It is recommended to set up also your real name.

Settings are now completed. You are welcome to check it around to have an idea what else you can do with Localbitcoins. To purchase bitcoin with Paypal is just one part of Localbitcoins.